Faculty Race Match Effect on Student Achievement

This paper estimates the impact of race matched faculty (i.e. any teacher outside of a particular student’s classroom) on a student’s math test score. Using administrative panel data between school years 2008-09 through 2017-18 from Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), we estimate that Latinx and White students see positive impacts of race matched faculty. By basing our study in LAUSD, which has a large proportion of Latinx students and teachers, we are able to fill a gap within the literature by examining the effects of race match and faculty race match on Latinx students. Our findings indicate that matching Latinx students to racially congruent teachers and faculty improve math test scores by 0.005 standard deviations. Increasing the supply of Latinx teachers may provide as a crucial catalyst in decreasing the achievement gaps found between Latinx and White students.